Mac binaries ready for testing

Intel x86 & x86_64 binary available
Added by Kevin Tanguy over 7 years ago

I just uploaded a build of the plug-in for Mac users, seems to work well at least with binary Qt Creator 2.1.0 from Nokia when running in 64-bit.
Should work equally well in 32-bit but it is untested yet. Should also work with the SDK but untested as well.
So grab it, test it, and please tell me how it works for you :)


Added by Craig Williams almost 7 years ago

Thanks for releasing the binaries. It's nice to not have to have the qt-creator source to install the plugin.

Worked great for me with Qt Creator 2.2.0 from Nokia when running in 64-bit mode.
Doesn't work with the latest 2.2.1 release (as expected).

Added by Craig Williams over 6 years ago

Latest binaries don't work with the current Nokia SDK/Qt Creator either. Current version is 2.3.1.

I attempted to compile them myself for 2.2.1 and ran into errors. Any chance you could post Qt Creator 2.3.1 compatible binaries?

Added by Adam Mayer over 6 years ago

The 2.2.0 binary works fine for me with 2.2.1; just edit the Doxygen.pluginspec to refer to 2.2.1 instead of 2.2.0.