Monitoring project status

Don't be a freak
Added by Kevin Tanguy over 7 years ago

If you do want to monitor the activity of the project in terms of scm commits please do not do it like a freak or all you'll get is a nice place in my firewall drop table.
I mean, hell, it's perfectly fine to check every couple of hours or so but every minute is just asking to be kicked to death. It's not like it was a massive project with huge activity.
It's not the first time I have to deal with such behaviour but at least I could contact the people involved directly (company) now for individuals, asking an ISP to pass the message on is like peeing against the wind, that won't be done.
So in other terms, use atom feed(s) or slack on the svn up stuff or you'll be banned.
If everyone using this project was doing an svn up every minute, the server would greatly suffer from this, I can't accept that.