Some improvements

Added by Tiffany Grenier about 5 years ago

I made some modifications on my own qtcreator-doxygen version.

Maybe some of them will be of interest for you : they include a QtCreator2.8 API compatibility, a less compact plugin UI, more UI options, the choice to document the active project or the one the currently opened file belongs to, the possibility to specify the Doxyfile filename (so it can work with doxyassist). I also added an file with building/installation instructions.

Have a nice day !

qtcreator2.8compat_patch.diff Magnifier - QtCreator2.8 compatibility (5.771 KB)

uiimprovements_patch.diff Magnifier - Some GUI changes (33.13 KB)

otherimprovements_patch.diff Magnifier - Some other improvements, which may be linked to UI but are closer to the plugin logic/usability (10.987 KB)

INSTALL Magnifier - Installation/Building instructions (2.781 KB)

qtcreator-doxygen_dependencies.pri - Needed for Qtcreator 2.8 compatibility (248 Bytes)

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RE: Some improvements - Added by Andreas Wass almost 5 years ago

Hi Tiffany!

Sorry for late reply. I have merged your qtcreator2.8compat patch with some slight modifications (changed 2.7.* to 2.8.0).
I also added the qtcreator-doxygen_dependencies.pri and thus the latest rev should be working with the newly released 2.8.0.

Thank you very much for your help!