DoxyAssist compatibility ?

Added by Tiffany Grenier about 5 years ago

Hello !

First of all, this plugin is just awesome, thanks a lot for having taken time to create it !
I am trying to automate as much as possible the documentation process, so I also use DoxyAssist and doxyQML outside of Qt Creator. DoxyQML has no problem working with your plugin since you have to modify the "Doxyfile" to tell it to use doxyqml with .qml files; even though I still have to manually write the documentation of my QML files. On the other hand, DoxyAssist runs on another file (an xml one) which then calls Doxygen. For now, I am using your plugin to generate in-code documentation and DoxyAssist and doxyQML to generate documentation files.
If I were able to specify the config file name in addition to the doxygen command to be called on doc generation, I could easily make your plugin run DoxyAssist, which would be super-great! Moreover, my Doxygen config file wouldn't have to be named "Doxyfile" (I was used to name it DoxyConfig).

I understand however that this does not have anything to do with QtCreator-Doxygen plugin, so I won't complain you choose not to integrate this possibility in it.

[Edit: feature request made, I wasn't looking at the right place]

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RE: DoxyAssist compatibility ? - Added by Kevin Tanguy about 5 years ago

Hi again,

Thanks :)

Interesting use-case, can you fill a feature request? I guess it's doable if I find spare time :)


RE: DoxyAssist compatibility ? - Added by Tiffany Grenier about 5 years ago

... and... implemented as an update of previously linked feature request :-D